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Catalan Cup of Enduro BTT

The EnduBítem, with only three editions, has become a benchmark in the National Enduro, we are one of the races of the Catalan Cup of Enduro BTT.

We continue to grow

The EnduBítem is not longer a project, it has become a reality. It is an event that is always thrilling and getting larger.

Wide Experience

In the organization of sport events and with many editions of mountain bike meetings for those we have recovered ancient roads and paths that have formed the current trail of the event.

The discipline of enduro

Strength, resistance, technique and good doses of risk, values that we believe represent us. Work hard for a project where nobody wins anything, but we all win!

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The 2016 EnduBítem Specials

The special TC1 starts with a very slight slope, followed by a good plain and then you will find some jumps where you can gain time if you jump them. By the middle of the trial, there is a long smooth rock with a steep slope difficult for the bike, followed by a very narrow stretch where you can not let the bike run. When it seems the path is finished, you will find a long rise of about 60/70 meters with a strong gradient! When you reach the top, there is the final descent, a very fast rocky section with loose stones and a final jump, the TC1 finishes with a ground track.

It is a path opened and recovered a few years ago, as the original one passed through a private estate, so to avoid conflicts it was agreed to open the Nou Moret. The name comes from the path of the Moret, which follows the new one. It begins in a ground track, with a  low traction flat stretch, when suddenly we find a left turn from where the slope begins, followed by some descents until a zone of pine, with several 180º curves ; Once overcome, the trial continues through a plane, where there is some narrow walkways, where you should not get sidetracked until leaving the forest, and we find a point to check pilots technical skills; A very closed rocky curve with loose grave before the final descend of the TC that passes through a quite straight narrow path, with lots of rocks and stones where you have to keep an eye on the road.

There is a new open section for the edition EnduBítem 2016 and the name speaks for itself. Just at the beginning, you can see why it is called La Pedrera; A stone descent, that once overcome it is hard to make the bike run. The path can be very complicated if you do not follow the route, because of the loose grave. As we go down we find different obstacles, steps, difficult curves, etc., until a point that passes next to an abandoned mountain house that marks the half the track. We continue along a ground track, until a path that is the nightmare of many bikers: very slow closed curves where is difficult to place the bike properly; After overtaking a curve followed by two jumps the descent is not so difficulty, until we find steep slope, quite considerable but half that of the TC1; Once overcome, we are at the end of the path, where there is a small cut to straighten the curve, and finally the end of the TC33.

It begins with some counterbanked rocky stony curves, very slow and low grip; Once crossed the paved track begins the slope with some technical steps with grooves and closed sloping curves. At the end of this sloping section, the path becomes more physical and crosses a narrow rift that goes up about 40 m before going down again. After this, we are already in the final stretch, where you must pedal to gain speed and reach the end of the trial.

The icing on the cake, the path that has it all! It begins with a narrow walkway between pines followed by a closed curve to the left where the first flat stretch begins and where you must pedal to go forward; Once overcome, you can release the brakes and drop the bike down a quite straight soft slope with some closed curves that slows you down until you reach the “balsa de las cañas”. After surround it, begins a never-ending slope that enters the forest to continue again the slope with a cut of rock and loose grave that makes difficult to control the bike. Descent continues with straight lines, opened curves with high visibility where you can run high speed before arriving at a descending ground track to take strength for the climb and almost without pedaling you get the top; As soon as you reach it, you are already thinking of braking to enter the last stretch   and wishing to finish as hands and legs can not stand any more!

In case you have not had enough, this is one of the paths where each pilot can demonstrate their physical shape. It starts with a straight with a jump. If you do it, it is better not to make short; It is not a thing of the other world, but you must fall in the right place to avoid losing inertia. Followed by a plane with a small slope and a counterbanked straight, where we find a curve before facing a jump with a long wooden walkway that impresses but not much. Remember that there is a side walk to avoid jumping. Afterwards, we find 2 wooden ramps. So far so good. Difficulty arrives: a paved track leaves us in the middle of a shooting range or battlefield! Entering through a ground track, we will tour the ancient trenches of the civil war. From here it starts the most technical part, with rocky and ground descents  with low grip until reaching the end of the path with a large step and a wooden jump with very good reception to show off the air technique and do well in the photo.

  • Km TC1 17%
  • Km TC2 10%
  • Km TC3 12%
  • Km TC4 14%
  • Km TC5 30%
  • Km TC6 17%


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“Technically there was a little bit of everything, a lot of stones and slabs, some sections more technical with jumps. So it can be said that it’s rather a quiet enduro, it’s nice to ride all these tracks, it’s been a lot of fun.”

Youn Deniaud, 2016

Elite and Scratch Winner

“The organization in Bítem is not to be taught anything, it is the third year and every year they improve it, they do not miss a detail, Bítem can not be taught anything about organization, on the contrary, there’s much to learn, they do it very well”

Janet Puiggròs, 2016

Winner Féminas

“In the village, everyone throw themselves into and you can enjoy the atmosphere, you enjoy people, any detail is missed, everything is counted, everything is planned and you are two days, three days, what you can be here and have the luck of enjoying people and spend a very good weekend practicing enduro.”

David Navas, 2016

Master Winner 30

“It was spectacular, I had heard of this race and this was my first time, but I knew it was a rocky terrain with technical trails. The field was somewhat slippery because of the weather of the previous days, but fortunately, today the sun has dried it up and we have been able to enjoy it very much.”

Pau Reixachs, 2016

Second Classification Master 30

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